We develop and produce


an innovative and
instrumental approach for
environmental protection

Paneco Ambiente: a brand with high added value for the ecosystem.

Our logo incorporates Air, Water and Soil, 3 out of the 4 natural elements.


What does it mean in practice and how do we contribute?

We develop and produce biotechnological products for the protection and care of the environment, an innovative and instrumental approach to reduce human impact on our ecosystem:

- We feed, restore, and protect soil and plants with the beneficial properties of the Humus AnEnzy® and Zologik® product lines.

- We improve air quality thanks to the neutralising biotechnological additives of the NaturVeba® line (odours pollution, dust suspensions, ammonia emissions, spread of phytosanitary products).

- We counteract pollution and eutrophication in soil and water with enzymatic and microbiological products from the EcoCandy® and EnzyVeba® lines.

- We produce high-quality, fully environmentally friendly cleaning, hygiene and odour elimination products, our ExtraFix® line.

- We improve production processes in industries, reducing maintenance costs and making production more efficient.

- We protect animal welfare by increasing business performance.

-  We offer useful solutions and eco-products in the hands of citizens and municipalities, to enable a natural alternative for the home and civil sector.

Livestock farming

Hobby, Pet & Garden

Water and Bioremediation

Plants & Systems


  • Registered office: Via Torino, 108
    12100 Cuneo (CN) - ITALY

    Offices: Via XI Settembre, 37
    12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) - ITALY

    PEC: panecoambiente@legalmail.it

    It is received by appointment
  • www.bioecologicalsystem.com

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