For each size and type of jute Ecocandy® we offer cages and protections against damage by animals and fish. 


Carabiners and chains are useful for fixing the products or the cages to the shore or existing structures.


Protective cages:

Galvanised iron and stainless steel cages are available. Perfect for all applications where there are animals (fish, birds, turtles, nutria, etc.) that could damage the Ecocandy®. The cages are also useful, especially with Ecocandy® Fire Tanks, to ensure that under no circumstances can the contents leak into the tank or interact with pumps and various equipment. Stainless steel cages are particularly suitable in environments with intense biodegradation processes (e.g. water purifiers, nutrient-rich water basins) or in fire tanks, ensuring the necessary safety of the system.



Galvanized iron chains suitable for supporting the weight of No. 1-12 Ecocandy® S, No. 1-2 XL or No. 1 UL (considering the weight of the water) are available. They are particularly suitable for situations where the product must be secured to structures that are elevated above the body of water and then removed when worn out. A common example are the pontoons of sedimentation tanks in sewage treatment plants.


If you prefer to replace the classic wire with a carabiner to make replacement operations easier, PANECO AMBIENTE provides galvanized iron and stainless-steel carabiners suitable for this application.