Patented microorganisms to speed up and improve composting processes


EnzyVeba® Compost is the fully sustainable and biodegradable compost bin activator used primarily for the treatment of organic matrices fed into domestic compost bins. Furthermore, it can also be used in civil, community and industrial composters.
Thanks to its consortium of a large number of non-genetically modified microorganisms, it activates, speeds up and improves the composting and humification processes of organic matter, in order to obtain safe and quality compost or humus..
The optimized composting process with EnzyVeba® Compost helps to prevent emission of unpleasant odours, but also to degrade naturally and effectively a variety of substances that would otherwise be resistant or recalcitrant (wood, paper, vegetable oils, gristle, glue and hydrocarbons, etc.).
Easy to use, it is supplied in convenient biodegradable bags or, as an alternative, in powder form.

Where to use it?

  • composting facilities;
  • civil, community and industrial composters of various kinds;
  • long term organic waste stocks in the naval sector (e.g., cruise ships);
  • farms or plant nurseries.


Why to choose it?

  • it significantly speeds up the degradation of organic matter, including particularly resistant substances;
  • counteracts the presence of various pollutants;
  • allows to obtain, in a short time, a significant reduction of pollutants present;
  • allows great economic savings compared to commercially available alternatives;
  • stabilizes waste matrices, preventing uncontrolled rotting.
  • limits the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • effective even with highly heterogeneous matrices;
  • completely natural and biodegradable;
  • patented and manufactured in Italy.


  • bag 70 g;
  • tank 25 Kg.