Spray neutralizer against odoriferous emissions present in domestic or inhabited environments


NaturVeba® Home responds in a totally ecological and natural way to the need of removing bad odors from home or living spaces.
Unlike classic deodorizers, it contains no fragrances or cover-ups. It acts directly on odorous emissions, capturing them, destroying them and preventing their dispersion into the air.

NaturVeba® Home comes in a convenient vial with a hand-held pressure spray head.

Containing no covering substances or mineral or synthetic alcohols or solvents, it is hypoallergenic and totally safe for humans, the environment and animals.


Why to choose it?

  • natural product;
  • it lowers odor emissions;
  • prompt application;
  • immediate effectiveness;
  • it contains no mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or flavors, dyes;
  • it limits conditions normally predisposing to the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.