Spray neutralizer against odorous emissions present in public environments


EnzyVeba® Surface responds in a totally ecological and natural way to the need to remove bad smells from public environments.
Unlike classic deodorizers, it contains neither perfumes nor cover-ups. It acts directly on odorous emissions, capturing them, destroying them and preventing their dispersion into the air.
It is particularly suitable for the management of public toilets, chemical toilets, locker rooms, public vehicles, garbage collection containers, compost bins and malodorous public environments in general.

EnzyVeba® Surface comes in a convenient bottle with a manual-pressure spray head.
The product acts both on the cause of odors and directly on odorigenic molecules suspended in the air.
Since it is a completely biodegradable solution, it acts in full respect of the environment: it contains no covering substances, alcohol or mineral or synthetic solvents.
It is a hypoallergenic product.

Where to use it?

  • public or chemical toilets;
  • locker rooms;
  • public vehicles;
  • waste collection containers;
  • composters;
  • public environments in general.


Why to choose it?

  • natural product of ready application with immediate action;
  • abates odor emissions originating in public environments by also acting directly on any organic residues present;
  • contains no mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or flavors, and dyes;
  • limits conditions normally predisposing to the proliferation of insects and pathogenic microorganisms;