Cause/effect neutralizer against airborne emissions and suspensions in livestock farms


EnzyVeba® KR Zoo enables the neutralization, destruction and biodegradation of volatile pollutants normally present in the farm environment and related areas. Its action is particularly effective against ammonia emissions and bioaerosols, as well as light particulate matter, thus enabling improved animal welfare by limiting mortality and increasing resistance to possible pathogens. The product acts directly on volatiles produced by rotting materials, transforming them immediately into biodegradable salts and thus preventing their dispersion into the air.


Why to choose it?

  • is of biological origin, completely biodegradable;
  • is a natural and environmentally friendly product that eliminates ammonia gases and bioaerosols;
  • contains no chemical residuals, therefore it leaves no residue;
  • improves animal welfare consequently limiting mortality and helping to prevent any diseases that may develop;
  • it limits conditions normally predisposing to the proliferation of insects and pathogenic microorganisms.