Enzyme formulation for effluent, manure and slurry management


EnzyVeba® NK Zoo is the innovative BIO-certified natural solution for the easy treatment of various animal-related masses, volumes and surfaces.

Allows fluidization of slurry and stabilization of livestock effluent. Has cleansing action on gratings and surfaces. Limits the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and the formation of crusts and foams. It accelerates and improves the degradation processes of the organic component, as well as any residual pollutants. It thus reduces the environmental impact of the waste. It can be used to increase the efficiency of digestion plants. It allows important agronomic improvement of the effluent.

Thanks to the great biodiversity of its enzymes, it acts even under the most difficult and complex conditions of use.


Where to use it?

  • manure storage stalls;
  • slurry and effluent storage tanks and reservoirs;
  • litter and screenings;
  • biogas or biomethane plants;
  • surfaces subject to the presence of fouling (e.g., cages and similar).