Concentrated biodegradable detergent with natural fragrance, useful for sanitising, cleaning and
deodorising clothing and accessories


ExtraFix® Laundry is a concentrated professional biodegradable detergent based on patented active molecules and perfumed by natural essential oils.

It guarantees deep sanitization and cleansing, thanks to natural principles with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. It eliminates even the most persistent odours, and gives a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

How to use it:

ExtraFix® Laundry can be used either as such, mainly in the washing machine and/or washer-dryer, or diluted in water, for manual washing.


Where to use it?

ExtraFix® Laundry is generally used for:

  • Bathrobes, towels, sheets and synthetic garments;
  • Sportswear;
  • Shoes and boots;
  • Workwear and accessories;
  • Baby and children's clothes and accessories;
  • Rags;
  • Saddles, kennels and sheets for animals;
  • Sofas;
  • Second-hand clothing and accessories;
  • Clothing and accessories in general.
  • However, it can be used in all situations with similar or comparable needs.

Why choose it?

  • Completely biodegradable;
  • Eliminates odours permanently;
  • Counteracts harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold);
  • Contains no chemicals such as chlorine, iodine and biocides.