Concentrated biodegradable detergent to thoroughly clean and sanitize


ExtraFix® Professional is a professional biodegradable concentrate based on patented active molecules and scented by natural essential oils.
It provides deep sanitation and cleansing, thanks to natural principles with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity.
It eliminates even the most stubborn odors through a patented plant formulation, and imparts a pleasant, fresh fragrance.
It removes and adhesives light particulates and, thanks to its anti-drift capacity, ensures precise misting at its destination.
Furthermore, it makes it possible to avoid products based on toxic substances or with high environmental impact.


Where to use it?

It can be used for traditional cleaning operations, but also in such diverse settings as: roads, bike paths and pedestrian areas, lay-bys and parking lots, warehouses, market areas and fairs, fieristic pavilions, farms, livestock farms, cold storage, wineries, construction sites, industries (food, engineering, manufacturing, etc.), supermarkets, car washes, schools, gyms, HORECAs, transportation vehicles etc.


Why to choose it?

ExtraFix® Professional unlike commonly purchased products, it is completely biodegradable.
This means that it can be used fearlessly in all situations where control of wash water is difficult.
Unlike other products, it contains patented plant molecules that can bind to, and permanently eliminate, odors.
It contains no covering perfumes or synthetic fragrances, but only essential oils obtained from plant raw materials.
Its ingredients have strong capabilities against harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds) but these are based on the action of natural substances.
In fact, the product contains no aggressive chemical synthesis substances such as chlorine, iodine or biocides.