Soluble vermicompost humus from cattle manure for biorestructuring of soil and growing substrates allowed in organic farming for domestic use


Imagine finding a secret trick for a lush plant grow: Humus LombriPan® Tea is like a magic stick. The product is a vermicompost soil improver and has a crumbly soil-like consistency. It is valuable both for plants and the environment. A premium earthworm humus with a unique preparation process, from cattle manure. The high-quality cattle manure is sourced from traceable and responsibly managed chain farms in Piedmont only. This manure is combined with agricultural by-products, creating an organic mixture, rich in nutrients. What's more, it is inoculated with special biodynamic heap preparations and is rich in microorganisms and enzymes useful for ALL your plants. The careful production process is a work of art that takes over a year and a half. Throughout this time, the earthworms work together with us improving the quality of the final product. The result is a stable and ready-to-use humus of the highest quality.

How to use:

Prepare Humus LombriPan® Tea by immersing one sachet in two liters of water at room temperature for 6 hours. After use, dispose the sachet, which will decompose over time, providing nutrients.

Where to use it:

  • Gardens;
  • Vegetable gardens;
  • Potted plants.


Why choose it?

    • Supports growth and root formation: particularly useful during spring, helps to improve the transplanting process and vegetative recovery.
    • Stimulates flowering: for high quality production.
    • Safe to use: can be used without risk in residential, commercial and areas frequented by people and pets.
    • Environmental compatibility: does not contain harmful substances such as biocides, making it an environmentally friendly option.
    • Made in Italy

Available formats:

  • Box of 12 sachets per 15 g