Professional limescale remover against limescale and hard water in piping and strumentation


Where there is water there is generally limescale. Whether it is in pipes, sinks, irrigation systems, cisterns, sewers, or machinery, limescale is everywhere.

NaturVeba® Descaler can be used to prevent or eliminate limescale, manage water that is too hard, or adjust pH in compatible aqueous solutions. It also provides bacteriostatic action due to its high lactic acid content.

Completely natural and biodegradable product, it allows deep action in pipes, cisterns and all those instrumentations affected by the passage or deposit of limestone water. Its components are completely environmentally friendly, being normally found in nature.


Where to use it?

  • irrigation systems;
  • cisterns;
  • water storage tanks;
  • watering facilities;
  • agricultural sprayers;
  • fire suppression systems;
  • car washes.