Immediate neutralizer against airborne emissions and suspensions in livestock farms


NaturVeba® RC Zoo is a concentrated liquid product certified for use in organic livestock farms. It makes it possible to neutralize and destroy volatile pollutants normally found in the farm environment and related areas.

It is particularly effective against ammonia emissions and bioaerosols, as well as light particulate matter. It enables improved animal welfare by limiting mortality and increasing resistance to possible pathogens.

Its action is immediate and direct, through a patented plant-derived complex. The product is completely natural and biodegradable, containing no perfumes or fragrances or covering agents.
It acts on harmful molecules by destroying them and transforming them into biodegradable salts.


Why to choose it?

  • product certified for use in BIO farms;
  • natural and completely biodegradable;
  • produced in Italy;
  • contains no chemically synthesized substances, therefore leaves no residue;
  • eliminates ammonia vapors and bioaerosols;
  • improves animal welfare consequently limiting mortality;
  • limits conditions normally predisposing to insect proliferation.