Our Story

Passion and commitment to ecology are the fundamental principles on which PANECO AMBIENTE's corporate culture and philosophy has been based for more than 40 years.

Biotechnology Research and Development began in the 1970s from the need to optimize the disposal of manure produced by cattle farms, an activity that has been carried out for generations by the family, the founder of the group, and the holder of multiple patents and production processes.

Throughout the years, the company continued to pursue, with perseverance and continuity, the idea of developing innovative technologies, which today are applied in multiple market segments.
At present its proprietary biotechnology products are used in multiple sectors: agriculture, animal husbandry, industries and in the environmental field.
Each product complies with an accurate prototyping and development process, which is followed by careful analysis of the results obtained under different application conditions.
Today the company owns an innovative product portfolio, applicable in various sectors. It is able to completely meet the needs of customers, but with an environmentally friendly and fully sustainable approach.
Initially the company focused its activities mainly on the agro-zootechnical sector, with the production of high-quality earthworm humus from controlled supply chain. Further to this, the company realized products to reduce the spread and dispersion of pesticides and products for crop protection from rodents and wild animals.
Over the years, responding to the growing demand from some companies to address industrial and environmental problems, PANECO AMBIENTE has expanded the range of its products and engineered additional solutions for those sectors. The company supervises the complete life cycle of its products, their entire production and commercialization plan, from the internal R&D laboratory and technicians. till offering customer support with dedicated personnel.

Today the company, still managed by the founding family, is in full expansion and has a growing sales network distributed throughout Italy. It also exports its products to many other countries abroad through distributors and partner companies.

Who we are

PANECO AMBIENTE is a young and dynamic company with more than 40 years of know-how. The portfolio, comprising bio-ecological products and systems, results from a strong and constant dedication to Research & Development, driven by passion and commitment to ecology, green economy, and microbiodiversity.

The company has always invested a large part of its human and economic resources in Research & Development. It has also received support from various universities and Italian and foreign research organizations. This is also why PANECO AMBIENTE owns dozens of patents related to proprietary products and production processes.

What we do

PANECO AMBIENTE is engaged in the prototyping, manufacturing and commercialization of products for:
  • AGRICULTURAL SECTOR: high-quality solutions for soil nutrition and bioremediation, crop defense, abatement of pesticide emissions, soil bioremediation.
  • SUBMERSED WORLD: revolutionary solutions to restore ecological balance, to combat algal blooms, or to manage a wide range of pollutants.
  • INDUSTRIAL SECTOR: concrete solutions to improve the plant sustainability or to neutralize emissions and odours.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR: solutions to neutralize odours, particulates and emissions, acting effectively on both cause and effect.
  • LIVESTOCK FARMS solutions to improve animal welfare, to neutralize bioaerosols and ammonia vapors, to effectively manage waste.
  • PROFESSIONAL HYGIENIZATION: alternatives for a sustainable cleaning and hygiene.

We ensure full traceability, thanks to our controlled production chain, high quality and certified standards.


The Ambiente Rosa Law Firm is the point of reference for legal advice and judicial assistance in all major areas of environmental law. Boasting more than a decade of experience in assisting public and private entities operating in the field, it provides ongoing advice to both Public Entities and Consortia, as well as companies operating in the environmental sector.
A leader in the field of environmental consulting, Anthemis Environment serves sustainable development by conducting environmental assessment and permitting on major works and facilities.
Buy Circular is the Italian reference portal for the Circular Economy, with the aim of facilitating the matching of product and service offerings with consumer needs.
Chimica Verde Bionet is a nonprofit association established with the aim of promoting and developing research and industrial application of raw materials of plant origin. It is formed by Legambiente Nazionale and experts in the world of Italian Research and University. Paneco Ambiente is a member.
The European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), is an organization that brings together NGOs promoting sustainable transport in Europe. Clean Cities Campaign aims to encourage a shift to zero-emission mobility by 2030.
CONFINDUSTRIA, or General Confederation of Italian Industry, is the main representative organization of Italian manufacturing and service enterprises.
PANECO AMBIENTE can rely on the experience of international engineers and experts specialized in wastewater treatment, both civil and industrial. Our team follows the complete 360-degree process: from the study and design phase to implementation with customized solutions for each job order.
Global Soil Partnership (GSP) is a globally recognized mechanism. It aims to: promote sustainable soil management (SSM), ensure healthy and productive soils, support the provision of essential ecosystem services, and mitigate climate change.
Paneco Ambiente and the Lampedusa Turtle Rescue Association have joined together in a valuable partnership, with the aim of promoting the use of our environmentally friendly products for cleaning operations in areas close to the sea. An important collaboration, which will see the marine ecosystem further protected, thanks to the concrete work of two sensitive realities ready to make a difference.
A spin-off company of the University of Bari, LEnviros represents excellence in research on air pollution phenomena and process sustainability assessment.
Paneco Ambiente proudly joins the CLEVER Cluster, one of Piedmont's 7 Innovation Clusters actively engaged in the Energy and Clean Technologies sector.
The Promoting Committee for the food and wine sectors of the Lower Piedmont has the mission of planning a food & wine logistics and services hub, as well as supporting the growth of companies in the sector.
SAFE AND CLEAN FOOD aims to provide clean food to people living in areas affected by radioactive pollution. Mondo In Cammino and PANECO AMBIENTE are founders and spokespersons.
PANECO AMBIENTE has joined the World Alliance For Efficient Solutions program sponsored by the Solar Impulse Foundation. It brings together key players committed to achieving true Sustainability, with the goal of developing, funding and promoting products, services and technologies that protect the environment.
4per1000 consists of a network of federates (according to the Lima-Paris Action Plan-LPAP) with the common goal of implementing soil conservation practices, and in this way achieving high levels of atmospheric carbon uptake.


The National Register of Environmental Managers (Legislative Decree 152/06) is established at the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea. Entities and companies that intend to engage in waste transportation, trade and intermediation activities can register in it.

PANECO AMBIENTE is registered in the National Research Registry, of the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

Our Humus AnEnzy® was awarded the prestigious "Apulian Sustainable Innovation Award" in the category "Best Eco-sustainable product of the year". The Award, sponsored by Confindustria Puglia, recognizes companies that transform environmental challenges into economic and social development opportunities by promoting sustainable practices aligned with the European 2030 Agenda.
The CE mark certifies that the product has been evaluated by the manufacturer and is considered to meet EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection. It is required for products made anywhere in the world and marketed within the EU.
Our products are registered for use in organic farming.
PANECO AMBIENTE is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. ISO 9001 defines the requirements for a quality management system for an organization. ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies the requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).
The "100% Made in Italy" mark allows the quality and value of products made entirely in Italy to be properly communicated.
PANECO AMBIENTE in 2021 was awarded by UNI - Ente Italiano di Normazione and Como Next - Innovation Hub, for the circularity of its production processes.


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    Offices: Via XI Settembre, 37
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    PEC: panecoambiente@legalmail.it

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