Aromatherapy treatment for public spaces and equipment exposed to dogs


Zologik® Canine is a biodegradable powder developed for areas where dogs mark territory or soil. It creates an aromatic barrier that makes treated area or facility undesirable for dogs. As it is neither a biocide nor a poison, it is safe for people, animals and the environment under the recommended conditions of use. It maintains its effectiveness for several weeks and requires no special labor.

Where to use it:

Zologik® Canine can be used wherever its action is required. Although the bulk powder product is more suitable for outdoor areas such as gardens and streets, the biodegradable sachet formula can also be used indoors or in general. Zologik® Canine is ideal, for example, in the proximity of:

  • Public litter bins;
  • Poles and street signs;
  • Benches and bus stops;
  • Bushes, flower beds and trees;
  • Parks and gardens;
  • Corners of walls and fences.

Why choose it?

  • Biodegradable powder that can be separated with wet waste;
  • Applicable in any type of situation that requires it;
  • Unique price/quality value;
  • Easily applied when needed, it has immediate effect;
  • Long-lasting effectiveness, it requires no special labor;
  • Stable composition, safe for humans, animals and the environment;
  • Developed and produced in Italy.

Available formats:

  • 50 ml biodegradable sachet
  • 5 LT tank
  • 25 LT tank