Aromatherapy for animal husbandry

Limits predisposing conditions to the proliferation of insects and pathogens


Zologik® Mosko is the innovative product designed to protect farms from the presence of pathogenic insects and microorganisms.
Initially formulated for flies, Mosko has been proven to be effective against mosquitoes, mites, other hematophages and general insects/microorganisms.
Zologik® Mosko can also be used on farms and rural areas potentially exposed to animals that can attract the same pathogens.

Its formulation is completely natural and biodegradable. It contains no chemical synthesis substances or substances harmful to farm animals.
Due to its composition, this product can be applied in any indoor or outdoor environment, in any weather condition.
Its use can be adapted to specific needs.

That's not all: Zologik® Mosko, being a form of aromatherapy, helps to maintain a healthier environment for animals, with immediate effect.
In addition, its natural formulation means that it is beneficial for the animals' skin and respiratory system, allowing for better and faster healing of any stings and irritations.


Why to choose it?

  • natural and 100% environmentally friendly liquid concentrate;
  • stable composition that is safe for both humans and farm animals;
  • improves directly and indirectly the health of livestock;
  • makes the location less attractive to flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other insects/pathogens;
  • modular and applicable as needed and in any type of indoor or outdoor environment;
  • easy to distribute, with immediate effect.