Crystal purifier for the absorption of malodorous vapors and liquids


EnzyStrip® is a mixture in granules and crystals that is completely natural and compostable. Thanks to its composition, it allows to act directly on the cause of the nuisance -preventing the formation of vapors with odorigenic potential- but also indirectly, capturing odorigenic molecules suspended in the surrounding environment.

It also acts on matrices, whether solid, liquid or fluid, preventing the proliferation and spread of pathogenic microorganisms that would occur under normal conditions. On liquid matter, it also has absorbent action, with instantaneous release to its destination of the active substances it contains. Due to the unique properties of the product, odorogenic particles are effectively absorbed and eliminated, even in prohibitive climatic situations. The product has an immediate effect, resulting in a sanitized, healthy and odorless environment.

EnzyStrip® is the result of years of R&D and is produced entirely in Italy.


Where to use it?

  • household waste collection bins (undifferentiated, wet, diapers, sanitary pads);
  • waste collection bins from commercial activities (restaurants, bars, pubs, stores, malls, butcher shops, fishmongers, hotels, wellness centers and spas, zoos, kennels);
  • collection and/or absorption of fluids from floors and surfaces (market areas, motor vehicles, toilets and chemical toilets, boats, homes with animals, pubs and clubs, industries in general, fenced areas for dogs, cats, birds) acts at the source of odors;
  • means of transportation, including habitable (cars, nautical, naval, RVs, trucks, planes, buses, trains);
  • waste collection points (dumpsters, bins for public use, ecological islands, recycling centers).